Sponsorship store / Sponsorship company

To sponsorship store and sponsorship company

We are looking for companies and sponsors who can cooperate in the management at Yokodai Network.

Banner advertisement
  • Price varies depending on placement and size.

Posted on Yohkotai Network
  • We will make one page exclusive for customers.( A4 size equivalent page)

From this site, links to the website you already have. (Commercial)
  • We will link to existing customer’s homepage from store information of free posting.

About inquiries and estimates

For inquiries about details and request of quotation, please contact us from here. We will contact you later than the person in charge.
We will not charge expenses for shops other than sponsors or company posting information.(As of 2018)
In addition, the above three points are made by direct request from sponsorship store / company, and charges and other expenses will not be incurred for information collected independently by Yohodai Network Secretariat.